GET TO KNOW ME: [4/5] movies → The Little Mermaid (1989)

The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.

PICK A PRINCESS MEME Ariel | Favorite song

Oh, Eric, isn’t she a vision?

DFAs Meme Challenge
[7/10] Songs - Part of Your World, The Little Mermaid

Look at ya! There’s something different. Don’t tell me. I got it. It’s your hairdo, right?

Ariel?  Well, that's kinda pretty.  O.K. - Ariel. . .


disney meme
ten movies [2/10]
     ↳ The Little Mermaid
"I don’t know when. I don’t know how, but I know something’s starting right now. Watch and you’ll see. Somebody I’ll be… Part of your world."



Part of Your world Storyboard by Glen Keane

These are just so full of life and spirit and Glen Keane is amazing I can’t